Type Lovers Wish List

We love type too. We admittedly laugh heartily at jokes about comic sans. We recognize and can name the font of most companies logos. Simply, we are serious typophiles. Fortunately, there is a wealth of fun stuff dedicated to the obsession that is type. Enjoy.

We just couldn't resist adding a few shots of the type confections below from StĆ¼ttgart-based company Typo­lade. You can even com­pose custom one-​liners, two-​liners and longer mes­sages with the letters made from chocolate. Heavenly.

Images & Where to buy (top to bottom): kern t-shirt: Workerman, uppercase scarf: Veer, mug: by Veer for the film Helvetica by Gary Hustwit, bamboo coasters: Supermarket, type chocolate: Typolade


ecojotter said...

ooooh.... type chocolate! what a delicious idea!
great post! thanks :)

heaum said...

wonderful post! I really enjoyed it!! Thank you!

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