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With such good produce available in the summer, we really want enjoy it at every meal. For us, and any cash conscious individual (that's pretty much everyone, right?), that means packing up our lovely lunches of berries and greens, and attempting to get them to work all in one piece. While we try to use mostly glassware and rinse when done, sometimes a portable unbreakable container is necessary - especially in the summer.

As luck would have it - we came across the recycled plastic products of Preserve. Made in the USA, the entire product line is made of collected plastics that are recycled back into home, body and kitchen products that Preserve offers.

The products are made with #5 polypropylene plastic collected from individuals via the Gimme 5 program and from companies like Stonyfield Farm.

The Gimme 5 program was really the thing that caught our attention in the first place. Products packaged in #5 plastic are sold widely, but #5 is not recycled in most communities. By recycling #5 plastic through the Gimme 5 program, Preserve is working to save plastic from being sent to landfills and keeping the plastic local by recycling it here in the USA.

Visit Preserve's website to find out where you can bring your #5 plastics to be recycled - and to find their products in your area - just in time for those summer picnics!

Images via Preserve

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