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The web weaves a mysterious web indeed! While doing some buying today for my shop I came upon a jewelry blog- Modern Jewelry Trends. More than the info contained within, I took special note of an intriguing logo at the bottom of the screen- "Are You a Creative Activist?" So with little reading about baubles and gems I linked to the site and came upon a really interesting foundation, Creative Visions created by a mom who lost her son, Dan Eldon, a young photo journalist, while he was covering the conflict in Somalia in the early 1990's.

The Creative Visions Foundation was created by his family to honor his activist mission, his life and his creative work. Creative Visions Foundation supports "Creative Activists", individuals who use the power of media and the arts to create positive change in the world.

According to the site, "Creative Visions Foundation partners with creative activists through fiscal sponsorship, mentorship and outreach programs to develop, thrive and promote vital social change. Our network of creative activists inspires others to be the spark of change in communities all over the world and to support “creative activists” like Dan - who use thought and imagination to catalyze positive change in our world."

Take a look at a really touching video that so succinctly portrays Dan's spirit, his too short life, and moreover an inspiring glimpse of his artwork through journals and his family's dedication to promote change.

BTW- there is an odd P.S. twist to all this - as I was reading and watching the video on the website the story sounded vaguely familiar. As it turns out, the sister of Dan Eldon is the sister in law of one of my dear friends. Talk about a small world.

In any case- be inspired by your own creativity today, on behalf of those who no longer can, and on behalf of your own talent. What can you create today?

All photos via: creativevisions.org

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