Gettin Crafty with Craftster

Admittedly, we don't get our craft on as much as we'd like around here. Fortunately, our resident crafty chick and office manager extraordinaire, Kerry, turned us on to the informative and at times fabulously irreverent Craftster.

Her most recent project really spiked our interest - not only because she used our 3 Bird design (shown on the card below), but because it's totally ingenious and surprising - yes, we are talking craft project here!

This particular project uses freezer paper - and according to craftster the basic idea is '"that you have an image to begin (in this case, the birdies), photocopies or printed out from your computer on regular paper. Then you lay it on the freezer paper (waxy side down!) and onto a cutting mat and use and X-Acto to cut out your design (cutting it out of both the paper and the freezer paper). Recycle the regular paper as it’s job is now done. Then take the freezer paper and iron it onto your t-shirt or fabric and then paint over it with washable, non-toxic fabric paint which is very easy to find in lots of colors. Then you just peel of the freezer paper and you’re done!" - Wow! (link to full project step by step is below)

For the design, she used the 3 Bird design above, photocopied and did the step by step that can be found on Craftster. And the end result.....

....is oh-so-ridiculously adorable on her little one Simon! Thanks to Kerry for the tip, and for being so darn good n' crafty!

Images via Craftster, Green Paper Company

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Anonymous said...

What an adorable cutie pie. I just want to give him a big hug! What a clever daughter in law I have - I want to give her a big hug too.

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