Like with Like = Love

I've always been a huge fan of tonal colors; different monochromatic hues of the same color all together to make a rainbow of that same tone. This goes the same for item type, you get enough of one thing in one place, they just can't help but make an impact. So naturally, I was so pleased to find a shop called 'Da Barn' in Michigan this past weekend with great displays - and that more and more antique and vintage shops have been merchandising in this 'like with like' fashion. Making for a simpler way to shop vintage, and providing some serious eye candy!

Just a short 1 1/2 hour drive from Chicago through the gorgeous fall colors to New Buffalo, Michigan you'll find Da Barn; 510 E. Buffalo St, New Buffalo, MI 49117 269.469.0333. Not in the Midwest? Keep an eye on the displays at your local antique & vintage shops, or at the next flea market in your area. Could be a great way to begin a new collection!

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Paige Appel said...

what a cool store. I love your company (and blog). look forward to more.

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