Pumpkin Patch

Who doesn't LUV this time of year!? There is nothing like a crisp early Autumn day to make you want to find your way to the nearest farm stand or pumpkin patch to snatch up pumpkins, gourds and all the other rediculously cliche decor!

Wondering where to find a pumpkin patch near you? Pumpkin Patches and More can assist...

And once you find the PERFECT pumpkin that would do Charlie Brown proud- do a bit of research before you reach for the knife! You can download some great free carving templates:

ehow.com - how to: select, carve, decorate, monogram a pumpkin
Pumpkin Masters - classic cutouts
Carving Pumpkins - elaborate faces, places, images

If you are feeling particularly crafty and looking for expert carving instructions, let master carver Vincent Laporta show you the ropes - you can watch his video here. And if words like Dremel Tool don't scare you- the advanced carving scoop can be found here.

Happy Jack-o-Lantern-ing!!

Photos via webshots.com

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