Thursday Giveaway & Give Gratitude

If there's one thing all our bestselling greeting cards have in common - it has to be the sentiment of thanks. So it's appropriate that our next giveaway is taking place so close to one of our favorite holidays of Thanksgiving. Not many associate thank you cards with Thanksgiving, but they go hand in hand. They both evoke warm feelings of remembrance, celebration and appreciation. While Thanksgiving isolates a day and kicks off the season of giving; a thank you card, on the other hand, can so simply express thanks any day we please and sometimes for no reason other than gratitude.

As our thanks and giving to you - our next giveaway is for 3 lucky randomly chosen winners! You'll receive a sweet package of ALL our bestselling 100 percent post consumer thank you notes so you can pass the love on to those who you most appreciate (fyi - you'll have enough thank you notes to write lots-o-people!).

Please comment to THIS blog post with your name or company (anonymous posts cannot be counted), by 6pm CST on Friday 10/20. We will post the winners via blog post and twitter on Monday 10/23 and inform you on how to claim your prize! Good luck!


BwanaPapyrus said...

Good attitutude. Too often now-a-days we are interested in putting ourselves forward. The economic squeeze has made me conscious of people who work hard for the money. I say "Thanks" and "Please" more often, add to the tip and try to be more upbeat.

By the way, just curious,I asked earlier, are those three papyrus plants in your logo?

BwanaPapyrus on Twitter
(see me also at http://www.fieldofreeds.com)

Jane Jenny Greetings said...

Love these!

Jane Jenny Greetings
Portland, OR

CMS Designs said...

Those are so pretty...I am trying to support handmade artists as much as I can!


Megan said...

So fun and unique! I would love them meganmarlena@hotmail.com

Yuko said...

I adore all your designs! Your cards would be great to send to a pen pal, all while saving the planet :)

San Francisco, California

Anonymous said...

I love your business philosophy as well as your designs -- very eco-chic!


Mama Magpie said...

Those are so lovely! And as an eco-mama, green is always my favorite color!

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