Clinton Climate Initiative

The former President is hard at work promoting awareness about climate change...


The Clinton Foundation is immersed in combating climate change- deforestation, solar energy, waste management, quantifying energy usage, urban redesign of lighting, and the list goes on.

"The Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) is working with government partners including Indonesia, Cambodia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Guyana to develop projects that enable local communities to be compensated for preserving and regrowing forests. Tropical deforestation represents around 15 percent of global carbon emissions – more than all the world’s cars, trucks buses, trains, and airplanes put together. Many countries cut down forests, or will be compelled to do so in the future, due to the economic benefits of activities such as logging and agriculture."

"Each year more than 13 million hectares of tropical forests are lost. Destroying forests not only releases carbon into the atmosphere through burning and decomposition, but also removes their ability to serve as "carbon sinks" –– natural reservoirs of carbon. We need forests to absorb and store carbon from the atmosphere and release oxygen. Forests help regulate the Earth’s water cycle, sustain a great diversity of plant and animal species, and directly support more than 750 million people."

The Clinton Foundation is raising awareness to make it more profitable for countries to preserve forests than to cut them down, create robust systems to measure the carbon content of forests, and actively involve local communities in the preservation of their forests."

With a special action plan in place for Earth Day- make a visit to the website to learn more. See what they have already accomplished, and while there, you can test your own knowledge about climate change by taking the climate change QUIZ.

Thank you Mr. President!

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