Friday Cocktail TIme... Lovely Lillet

By far, my favorite cocktail this summer is the ever popular, lovely Lillet. I favor it in a vintage champagne glass, on ice with a slice of orange. Just a perfect way to welcome in a summer weekend evening, or any summer evening as it seems!!

For purposes of this blog, I thought I would have to look long and hard for the eco merits of this aperitif, but, as it turns out, I did not have to look far. Lillet made it's debut in 1872- by the Lillet brothers- French distillers. Lillet uses only the finest ingredients and is a blend of carefully selected wines combined with herbs and fruit. Made in the Bordeaux region much the same way as it always has been, Lillet is made from a secret recipe passed down through generations.

It really is the perfect French aperitif. Intended to be consumed at the start of a meal, with light fare- it gained it's 15 minutes of fame by none other than James Bond in Casino Royal.

The label graphics are alone well worth the price of the bottle. They have a long history and have graced french metro stations and prominent locations with ad campaigns for decades. It's a good time to start to collecting them and drink hearty- Lillet is getting hard to come by with state alcohol quotas limiting it's distribution. Below- a few fave recipes and find/read more about the rich history here. Cheers!

Lillet Royale
One mint leaf

3 drops Angustora bitters

Lillet Blanc
Ice cube
Slice of lime

Lillet Kiss
Equal quantities of Lillet Blanc and Lillet Rouge

Drop of crème de cassis

Schweppes or Perrier

Slice of Orange

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