Green School Supplies- ReBINDER

Looking for greener school supplies as the kids go back to school? Or a brighter shade of green to organize your office? Let us introduce you to one of our favorite companies- RE-BINDER. We've used their product for several years now for all of our internal office supplies and it's the company we used to create all of our sales rep kits and press kits.

ReBinder is the only true zero waste office supply manufacturer. A privately owned business in Seattle, Washington, their philosophy offers a balanced approach to providing exceptional office supply basics that reduce their, and your, environmental footprint. Their products are 100% recycled... and contain 85% post-consumer waste and 15% post-industrial waste.

Making products responsibly means considering the source of the materials, the use of the products and where they end up at the end of their life. When used for events and training or simply every day internal use, their products raise both brand and environmental awareness while helping responsible organizations reduce solid waste and lower their carbon footprint.

Assembled by a local, AbilityOne certified disabled workforce, all ReBinder product materials are sourced from responsibly managed forests and verified FSC and SFI certified sources. With each purchase of ReBinder products, solid waste, greenhouse gas, energy, tree and water consumption are reduced. Product line includes everything from 3 ring binders, page dividers, labels, CD cases and pocket folders.

ReBinder products have recently been nominated for the Best Office Products in North America. Retailers take note: ReBINDER also offers their product on a wholesale basis. Learn more about their product and how they stack up against traditional vinyl binders here.

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